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Radfield Home Care Herefordshire Sophie Holmes, Carer

My career started in retail, funding my college and university years, but I knew it was never a long-term career option. Graduating and proudly achieving a 2:1 in Health, Community, and Social Care, supported with six months working as a carer in a care home, I quickly became disillusioned with my surroundings and the care being provided. Pursuing my care career, I then went on to gain invaluable experience working with the elderly and children with special needs.

Sophie’s first-hand experience with home care

My great grandmother passed away in 2014. She was an amazing lady, full of love for her family, and happiness. Unfortunately, as she became older, much of her family moved away, leaving very few who could care for her. When a local home care company were asked to provide care for her, we were all so pleased, but I felt so helpless when I was hearing stories that they were missing her calls, chatting amongst themselves whilst caring for her and rude to my family. This provided me with a true ambition to work with the elderly, giving them the appropriate care, time and attention needed, and make a difference to their lives.

This was also backed up when I watched a BBC Panorama Documentary some years ago, filming inside a care home. It made my blood boil when I saw how residents were being cared for. It was heartbreaking to see that the residents being filmed was somebody’s loved one; a mother, grandmother, wife or friend! And so my passion for good quality care was ignited once again.

Why Radfield Home Care?

I love the way Radfield Home Care operates as a family and their family ethos. I love the support Radfield Home Care gives its staff and clients, and I appreciate the support I’m getting from Kiain, Owner, and Director. The hours are flexible and they easily fit around my family. Shortly after starting, I quickly felt valued and well looked after.

Radfield truly cares for its clients, listening carefully to their needs and treating them like family; this is all so important to me. The branch is in its infancy and I’m looking forward to taking my career with Radfield as far as possible as the business expands.

Special moments

I have many special and fond moments, but the one that stands out is when I worked closely with a 17-year-old boy with severe disabilities. I worked with him for more than 2 years, getting to know him very well; his habits, likes and dislikes and asking him to eat was particularly challenging, but much rewarded, when he eventually started to enjoy picnics in the park eating his favourite food, followed by yummy chocolate cake!

My journey with Radfield Home Care so far

My work so far with Kiain has been great. I’ve started now to shadow a number of care visits with a lady in Herefordshire, who I must say brightens up my day. She has such a positive outlook on life and always tries to laugh, even though there are times when I know she feels like a cry.

Shadowing with Kiain has given me a real insight into the quality of care that we consistently provide. Kiain has a fantastic professional relationship with all of his clients and is quickly able to identify if anything is wrong. I heard one of the clients joking and saying the other day, “I can’t get away with anything in your care, can I?” However, I can see how happy she is when we arrive, and I can clearly see that she enjoys our Radfield visits and our company. I can see that we’re not just a home care business, we are going to THE home care business!”

 Sophie Holmes

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Sophie Holmes
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