Business Start-up Diary: My Franchising Decision Time

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My Franchising Decision Time

Dawn Phillips is owner and Director of home care business Radfield Home Care. She recently launched her franchise business in Bromsgrove & Redditch and kindly offered to share her business story. In her first edition, we enjoyed hearing how the opportunity to start her own business came about. In this latest edition, Dawn shares how she moved from starting a business to her launch in less than 12 weeks...


Should I start my own business?


It’s a question that many people agonise over throughout their career. I had some difficult decisions to make. When I look back it’s all about choices; to give up some things and take up new ones. With a little personal doubt, followed the due diligence stage.

Along with my husband, we chatted all evening about what this offer meant, how it would change the direction of our lives, but would most certainly change my career path.

It felt an unusual situation for me as it meant giving up my current position with the comfort of what employment brings, to a venture that involved being on my own and being solely responsible for running a business.

My husband is by his very nature, a logically minded man, but often this brings caution. So I was surprised when he didn’t seem to hesitate. Instead, he said,

“....whatever you decide, I will fully support”.


Even when given the reminder that we would drop down to become a single wage family for a period of time while the franchise was getting started, and we would be investing our savings to purchase and set up the start-up business.

Again he smiled,

“...we can cope, we have our finances under control, and you have the skills to do this”.


He went on to say,

“...you are being given the opportunity to be an owner of a piece of Radfield Home Care; a company that you have loved; sometimes more than me I’m sure”, he grinned, “and as Alex and Hannah’s first franchisee, they will continue to fully support you, they have offered you this opportunity because they believe you can make it a success.”


Emails galore...


The following week was all about the email... emails to Alex and Hannah my friendly directors, laden with questions which they promptly returned answered in full with information and support.

We agreed that a meeting to further our discussions would be a good next step. My mind was pretty much made up by the time the day of the meeting arrived. I did have more questions and I had already been busy investigating the ‘how to’s’ of setting up a franchise business, all that really seemed left was the leap of faith. The meeting was a huge success. Meeting Alex and Hannah always is a pleasure. They seemingly and effortlessly combine warmth, friendliness and professionalism and are always armed with information and knowledge, and if they don’t have it you can be assured they will get it.

I had felt at home with them from the moment we had met over five years ago. So when I said the words “Let’s do this”, there was not a single doubt in my mind that we were entering into something great and special for the second time in our history together.

My business launch


There are certainly merits in having a process to follow. There is so much to do in launching a new service or business that trying to do everything at once will only lead to confusion and mistakes. Yet I believe the main reason a rigorously structured launch process is commonplace is that it helps cope with the unknown. By following the franchise process you can go from investment decision to launch in under 12 weeks.

For me to take up the franchise offer was indeed a great step, but most importantly, it meant I could still feel and be part of something quite rare and wonderful. Radfield Home Care and its friendly directors strongly echo the ethos of family and values that lie at the very heart of what has been built, which I admire so much.

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