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Older people care

At Radfield Home Care we know what it means to people to be able to stay in their own home as they get older.

There’s nowhere quite like home and that doesn’t change as you get older

Home is more than just a physical place, it’s often full of meaning and history, our homes come to be symbols of things that really matter to us. Home is a place of comfort and familiarity. Feeling like you have to give up living at home before you’re ready can be a significant and unwelcome disruption. Getting older doesn’t have to mean leaving home.

Radfield Home Care is here to provide the full range of support to enable older people to live longer in their own homes and empower them to get as much out of it as possible. Everything we do is focused on the simple premise of making ageing a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for all involved.

Our full range of services for older people covers everything from medication, nutrition and companionship to getting home from hospital, overnight and live-in care and respite care.

What does that mean? It means we have a team of carers at Radfield who are roll-your-sleeves-up, supportive, positive, honest, warm and committed people. That team is focused on enabling older people to live their best life for longer. And that means we’re here to do as much as we can to make it happen.

Our services for older people include taking out the bins, dusting, hoovering, decluttering, feeding the cat, washing and ironing, taking people out to the shops, to a café, to the beach for fish and chips. It means making sure bills are paid, medication is taken, food is eaten and drinks are drunk. And it means listening, laughing, playing cards, sitting in the garden together, being there all night if that’s what it takes. We know what great care means to us, we know what it means to others and we know how to offer it to everyone who chooses it.

Want to know more about what great care means to us and, more importantly, what it could mean for you? Get in touch with your local Radfield team today and let’s have a chat about the ways Radfield Home Care can offer support for older people.

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We’d love to talk about ways we can help, get in touch with your local Radfield team today.

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