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Personal care

At Radfield Home Care we understand both the responsibilities and the sensitivities that come with personal care.

While it might become necessary, entrusting personal care to others is not always easy.

We all value our ability to maintain a level of privacy and dignity when it comes to looking after ourselves and our bodies. As people get older it can become harder for them to manage all their personal care needs on their own. Often it’s the emotional side of allowing others to help with these needs where people require at least as much support as with the physical aspects.

That’s why we make sure all our carers understand that personal care is exactly that. Personal. And it’s why we invest in training and ongoing development to make sure our team always takes an empathetic approach.

The Radfield team is on hand to help with personal care in many ways, from simply being there to provide reassurance as people get in and out of the shower or bath, right through to supporting people with complex needs, who require assistance several times a day.

We can assist with washing, dressing, having a shower or bath and getting in and out of bed. Our carers are all trained in moving and handling and can assist clients with reduced mobility in many ways and with all types of moving and handling equipment. Along with hygiene and mobility, we can also assist with monitoring blood sugars, catheter care, support stockings and many other aspects of personal care.

We know that personal care can lead to challenging conversations, it’s a sensitive subject on many fronts. With years of experience being part of these conversations and providing personal care people rely on, we’re here to help families and friends make the right choices. To find out more speak to a member of our team about the difference Radfield Home Care’s personal care support can make.

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