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  • Having company at
    home or helping you
    to get out and about
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  • With over 30 years
    experience in
    providing care you
    can be reassured you
    are in good hands
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  • Radfield Home Care
    is managed by 
    Dr Hannah 
    a qualified GP
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  • Dementia care at
    home with our
    specialist trained
    dementia carers
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  • We take pride in our
    responsive, flexible
    service that gives
    real peace of mind
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  • Working in
    partnership with 
    Shropshire PCT to 
    develop best practice 
    for medication 
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“Thank you so much for your help and support with my parents

and for the wonderful care given by your carers. Your medication service has been second to none and has taken a lot of pressure from me at a difficult time"

SP, Worcester Branch


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Welcome to Radfield Home Care

We are a multi-award winning, family run company who have been providing care for over 30 years so you can rest assured that you’ve come to the right place.

We provide all types of home care services to you in your own home and we work closely with you to ensure that we are providing the exact support that you need, when you need it.

How can Radfield Home Care help you?

Our carers can take you out and about to the shops, appointments or just about anywhere you wish to go. Having the support of someone with you to help carry the shopping, ensure that you are safe and for companionship can make life so much more enjoyable and provide real peace of mind.

We can help with all household tasks, meals, shopping, laundry etc and provide all types of personal care so that you have the support that you need tailored to your exact requirements.

Our carers are all specially trained to support clients with dementia which can provide invaluable support and respite breaks for existing carers.

Click the link to find our more about our Home Care Services.

Why choose Radfield Home Care?

We strive to provide the best home care service that we can. We do this by training and supporting our carers closely, by listening to our clients needs and caring for them in the best way possible and by being a highly responsive service so that relatives can feel reassured that their loved ones are in safe hands. Click on Radfield Home Care video link to watch a video of Dr Hannah MacKechnie talking about how we can help you.

We have recently had excellent inspection reports from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Click on Care Quality Commission Radfield Home Care to view our latest Inspection Reports. 

We are thrilled to announce that we have won the prestigious Dignity and Respect in Care award- click here to find out more.

We have also just been awarded a Gold award in the Mayor of Shrewsbury Awards in recognition and appreciation of our outstanding contribution to the community - click here for more details.

Supporting Falls Awareness Week (16th-22nd June)

Radfield Home Care are supporting falls awareness week 2014 with the release of our Falls Prevention Information guide which you can download from our Useful Information page.



Thursday, 18 July 2013 15:42

I am writing in following the announcement that the £72,000 care cap announced by the government will only benefit one in eight elderly individuals. Although this news does not surprise me, the public need to be fully-educated on the implications of this cap on care benefits, to enable them to make provisions for their own future. The figure is actually rather misleading, and will only be allocated to those that require care to meet substantial or critical needs, by which point many individuals would have spent a considerable amount of their own funds. Any costs related to living expenses, ‘hotel costs’ such as accommodation and food, or any support around the home or with personal care tasks are not included in the cap.

It is essential for the public to have all the correct information so they can plan their care needs for the future, and that they are aware of the true cost of high-quality care, whether residential or domiciliary. Elderly individuals also should be provided with the opportunity to choose their care provider, as this choice gives real control back to the individual at a time when they may feel completely helpless. Care providers vary, so making provisions will ensure they receive the very best quality of care, instead of it being left to their local authority. If this did not happen, the burden of costs and the lack of support from the state, will see more and more pressure applied to relatives to become carers.

Dr Hannah MacKechnie

Radfield Home Care

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