Radfield Homecare


Starting Care

  • Do I have to have an assessment before care can start?

  • Can I involve people who are not direct family relatives or next of kin in the arranging care process?

  • I need to arrange care quickly so my relative can be released from hospital, can you help?

  • What is the minimum level of service that you can offer?

  • What is the maximum level of care you can offer?

  • What makes Radfield different, why should I use you?

  • You are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), why is that important?


Our care service

  • How often can I change my care package?

  • How do I pay for the care service?

  • Can I get help with funding for my home care?

  • What is a direct payment?

  • How do I get direct payment funding?

  • Will I have to pay any of my own money towards my care?

  • How will social services pay me the money?

  • I see that you use a software system - how does this work?

  • Can I cancel at any time if I don’t want to continue?


Our carers

  • What can and what can’t a carer do?

  • What training do your carers have, are they able to administer medication?

  • Are your carers able to use moving and handling equipment?

  • Will I have the same carer each time?

  • What if I don’t like my carer?

  • What happens if my usual carer is off sick or on holiday?

  • Is the carer’s travel time taken out of my visit time?

  • How do I know that my carer will do all the tasks they are supposed to?

  • What insurance do you have for your carer if something goes wrong?